Krugers & Gold offers a wide range of valuation, sale, investment and recycling opportunities for Krugerrands, jewellery, precious metals, diamonds and war memorabilia. We can help you liberate the cash value of heirlooms so that your family history can help you invest in your future, or begin or add to your investment in Krugerrands. 

There a great many ways to invest in today’s world, but precious metals and diamonds offer one of the best long-term options – they are less prone to market swings, and – unlike cryptocurrencies – they are backed by real value.


Krugerrands are iconic South African gold coins, first minted in 1967 and made from 22ct gold (91.67% pure), with the remaining 8.33% being copper. This alloy is known as ‘crown gold’ and gives Krugerrands their distinctive orange blush. It also makes the coins more durable, and scratch-resistant.

Even if you don’t own a Kruggerand, you will recognise its design immediately. The obverse of the coin features a profile of Paul Kruger and the words “SUID-AFRIKA • SOUTH AFRICA” while the reverse features a springbok, the word “KRUGERRAND”, the gold weight and the year of minting.

Originally only available as a 1-oz gold coin, Krugerrands have subsequently been produced in ½, ¼ and 1/10-oz weights, and also in silver and platinum.

Krugerrands are immensely popular amongst gold collectors and investors worldwide, with some 50 million ounces of Krugerrands having been minted. Krugerrands have a value that exceeds the actual value by weight of the gold they contain, because of their popularity. This makes them a premium investment opportunity.

At Krugers & Gold, we specialise in buying and selling Krugerrands. We offer competitive rates for both purchases and sales, and we often have rare and sought-after Krugerrands for sale.

Krugerrands have consistently increased in value over time, and can also be bought and sold easily, giving you easy access to cash when you need it.

If you want to free up the value in the Krugerrands that you own, or invest in your family’s financial security, contact Krugers & Gold today.

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If you own gold and silver in the form of jewellery, bars or coins, we can help you convert it into cash. Perhaps you no longer wear it due to fear of crime, or you’ve inherited pieces that aren’t really your style.

Instead of the worry and hassle of keeping unworn jewellery at home, bring it to Krugers & Gold for a no-obligation valuation that will help you see how much cash you could convert it into. When you sell your gold to us, no piece is too small, broken or bent – we buy it all.

Gold and silver recycling is a smart solution to security and storage issues, and could give you the cash boost you need towards a new car, moving to a new house, or a wonderful family holiday.

Contact us today to arrange a valuation appointment – you could be pleasantly surprised at how much your unused jewellery is worth.

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While every diamond is rare and precious, with fire in its heart from the centre of the Earth, the value of diamonds can vary significantly. It largely depends on how they score against each of the ‘4Cs’ – four measures of quality and worth.

These are the carat weight of the diamond, and the grade of its colour, clarity and cut. Each of these factors is assessed by a gemmologist to determine the value of each stone. With diamonds having played such an important role in our country’s history, you won’t be surprised to learn that at Krugers & Gold, we are experts in diamond valuation.

Take advantage of our exclusive, expert service to transform the sparkle of your stones into cash you can use to finance your dreams. Contact us today and we’ll arrange a valuation appointment to suit you.

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Numismatics is the study and collection of coins. The value of coins is not necessarily a function of their age, but is affected by their relative scarcity, their precious metal content (if any), their historical context, aesthetic value and condition.

Mass-produced, recent coins made of base metals are unlikely to have any real value (other than their face value, if they are still legal tender) but there are some exceptionally valuable coins in existence, with collectors prepared to pay significant sums for mint-condition examples of rare coins.

At Krugers & Gold, we are experts in identifying and valuing coins from South Africa and beyond. We’ll let you know if your coins have value and offer you a fair price if they do. If you have inherited coins, or purchased them at an antique store, we can help you convert them into cash.

In the case of very valuable coins, this will also save you the worry and insurance implications of keeping them at home.

Contact Krugers & Gold today to arrange a valuation.

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Human history has been shaped in part by conflict, and there have been very few years without warfare in recorded history. War is a tragedy, no matter who wins or loses, but it also provides inspiring stories of courage and survival, the triumph of good over evil and the ultimate victory of the human spirit.

From the Anglo-Zulu and Boer Wars to both World Wars, South Africans have been involved in some of the most pivotal battles in recent history. Many of them have subsequently been awarded medals to commemorate their acts of bravery.

Each of these medals tells a story, and the rarer ones – or those associated with famous events – can be worth considerable sums. Our war memorabilia experts can give you a valuation on medals and other items, and we offer the best prices for military collectibles.  

If you have medals that you are interested in selling, contact Krugers & Gold for a no-obligation valuation today.

Gold, Diamonds, Numismatics, Kruger Rands, krugerrands, gold recycling, Silver, Platinum, palladium, Krugers & Gold