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Today we sell

Minted BarsCast BarsKrugerrands
100 Gram Gold Minted Bar (Au):Unavailable 100 Gram Silver Cast Bar (Ag):Unavailable 1 OzR33500.00 per coin
4 in stock
50 Gram Gold Minted Bar (Au): Unavailable 500 Gram Silver Cast Bar (Ag):Unavailable 1/2 OzR17250 2 in stock
10 Gram Gold Minted Bar (Au): Unavailable 1000 Gram Silver Cast Bar (Ag):Unavailable 1/4 Oz:R8950 per coin
1 in stock
1 Oz Silver Minted Bar (Ag): Unavailable 1/10 OzR 3650 per coin
7 in stock

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Gold (Au)Silver (Ag)Platinum (Pt)Krugerrands
9ctR 333.00 per gram 50%R 3.30 per gram50%R 176.00 per gram 1 OzR 27600.00 per coin
18ctR 667.00 per gram 80%R 5.4 per gram80%R 282.00 per gram1/2 OzR 13800.00 per coin
22ctR 815.00 per gram92.5%R 6.2 per gram95%R 335.00 per gram 1/4 OzR 6900.00 per coin
24ctR 890.00 per gram99.9%R 6.77 per gram 99.9%R 352..00 per gram1/10 OzR 2760.00 per coin